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The Rev. Elder Pat Bumgardner is currently the Senior Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of New York, where she has served in multiple capacities for the past 30 years. Rev. Pat is also the Executive Director of MCC’s newly formed Global Justice Institute, coordinating and overseeing the global justice work of MCC, and Chairs the denomination’s Public Policy Team. She represents MCC on the Council for Global Equality. She has been an active and vocal proponent for LGBT rights as human rights, traveling, writing and speaking on behalf of MCC world-wide, addressing a range of social justice issues.
Consecration of Rev Pat as Bishop Celebrating Rev Pat's 26th year at the helm of MCCNY

The founder of The Sylvia Rivera Memorial Food Pantry at MCCNY and Sylvia’s Place, both housed at MCCNY, she has become a leading visionary in the quest of the Queer community to build coalitions and deal with hunger and homelessness, as well as homophobia and social prejudice. Named for the late civil rights leader, Sylvia’s Place serves as a New York City emergency shelter and drop in site dedicated to providing safe space for homeless LGBTQ youth.

Educated in the Roman Catholic tradition, Rev. Pat has become a sought-after speaker and preacher across denominational divides. Her current focus involves work with activists in Malaysia, Pakistan and East Africa. She lives in the West Village with her spouse of 25 years, Mary Jane Gibney, and their puppy, Isabel. They, along with Rev. Pat’s brother, Charles, recently welcomed the birth of their first grandchild and nephew, respectively, Joshua Leland Cherry Holmes, who will celebrate his first Pride this year.



Rev. Dr. Ngeo, Boon Lin is Chinese Malaysian. He was an award-winning journalist before he came to the United States in 1997 to pursue his study in sociology..He is better known as O.Young (歐陽文風) in Chinese speaking communities in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and his home country, Malaysia.

He has published extensively in the Chinese language since 1999, and is the author of more than 40 books and numerous bestsellers in Malaysia. He holds a BA degree in sociology from university of Wisconsin, a MA degree in sociology from Minnesota State University, a Master of Theological Studies from Episcopal Divinity School, and a doctoral degree in theology from Boston University.  He is also a doctoral candidate in sociology. In Fall 2009, he was invited to teach LGBTQ Studies and Sociology, the first course of its kind offered at the Catholic Jesuit university.

 He is currently an adjunct assistant professor at City University of New York - Hunter College in its Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies department.
Rev. Dr. Ngeo is the first openly gay minister in his native country Malaysia, and the first openly gay minister who holds a doctoral degree in theology in Asia. He has written extensively about LGBT rights, religion and sociology, and has traveled all over Asia for many years helping LGBT Christians and activists understand the liberating gospel of Jesus the Christ. He is instrumental in founding GSMCC, which later became GSKL in Malaysia and is also instrumental in forming gay Christian fellowships in some cities in mainland China. He is one of the most sought after speakers in LGBTI Chinese communities in Asia, such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Malaysia. His activisim in Asia has been reported by CNN and the New York Times. He also has been named as one of the most inspiring LGBT religious leaders in the world by Huffington Post in 2011.