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Prayer List


All who are living with cancer, including Harry Jones, Tracey Hickey, Chang Su, Tony Houlton, Richard Miniera, Joanne, John Boswell, Bill, Wan-Chuan Kao’s father, Diane Thomas, Luisa Soriano, José Salguiero, Ann Klein, Matriza, Lynn, Phil Gibson’s father, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Beth, Ethan Bibb, Emily, Michael Nieves, Rev. Susan Sparks, Andrea McGlynn, Wayne Rolf, Jim Gray, Lynn Lewis, Robert, Tim Winn, Dawn Edwards, Jack Colleran, Edward Crosson, Rev. Roy Birchard, Charles Peterson, Damien, Judy Dale and Rev. Dee Dale, Debbi’s uncle, Tyson, Jim Lehman, Barb Creaser, Charles Patterson, Rachel, Sophia Pazos’ father, John McGee, Tiagi Lambert, Mel Bryant’s grandfather, Todd, Paulette and Janet Weinberg.

+ Praises that Sandra Jones and John McGee are in remission!

All who are sick or are hospitalized, including Mary Skala, Nick Martone, Ben-Allen, Mario Guedes and his mother, Henry Lemkau, Norma Sharp, Carmen, German Lopez, Juana Santiago, John Fischer’s mother, Anita Burson, John Campbell, Scott Moss, Richard Ackerly {father of Billy}, Robin, Lynette Anderson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Lois Lanefski, Theresa, Ted Walner’s mother, Kawane Harris, Jeanette Coleman, Chuck Renslow, Rev. Dr. Jon Bullock, Dr. Tom Gertz, Micah Hartung, Mike Easterling’s animal companions Booger and Frank, John Prescott, Henry L. Gubitosi, Scott, Mother Shirley, Bob Wolff, Arnold Mungioli , Kai, Rev. Roy Birchard’s brother, Iván Chia-Kanashiro (Rev. Edgard’s brother-in-law), Kenneth {nephew of Norma Sharp} and Diane Limerick.

+ Praises for the safe surgery of Deacon Jen’s father!

The family and friends of Gary Skala who died suddenly on November 6th, the family and friends of Jane Gervasi, the family and friends of Marie Jones, the family and friends of B.B. Cunningham, Rona Moulu and Mary Garcia as they mourn the death of Luna {animal companion}, the family and friends of Tyler Goodin, Alexandra, Rev. Eli and family as they mourn the death of Alexandra’s mother on November 17th, The family and friends of Brian Miller who died suddenly on November 29th , Len Richardson and all who mourn the death of Carl Spencer, all who are grieving the loss of life in Newtown Connecticut and at Sandy Hook School, and the family and friends of Calvin Williams who dies on December 29th.

All who are living with HIV/AIDS, including Phillip DeBlieck, The Rev. Lee Carlton, The Rev. Mark Lee, Mark Heckler, The Rev. Jim Mitulski, Joshua Love, Michael Petrellis, Timothy Kirkley, Jim Richmond, Alyshia, Monté Clarke, Brian Kendall, John Ralston, Michael Turner, The Rev. Steve Pieters and those who are part of our Pantry and Shelter Programs.

+ Please especially remember Rev. Pieters who is bed-ridden.

 All who are dealing with issues of self-esteem and spirituality or emotional well-being including Amir in Bosnia andKen and his family as they deal with the violent impulses of their son.

Andrew (boyfriend of Michael) who is seeking to return to the US from Nigeria.

All who are looking for jobs and all who have been laid off or fired, especially Daniel (GSMCC) and Marcus Warren.

All who are homeless or seeking apartments.

The family and friends of all who lost loved ones to Storm Sandy and all who are struggling to recover.

All who continue to live with the devastation of natural disasters.

All who are imprisoned, including those in detention in Guantanamo Bay, and Paul Pacheco.

All who are in war-torn areas, especially Brian Boike in Afghanistan, Mike on his third tour in Iraq, Scott Seibert, Ashley Flores and her family, Deidre, Shaun Bosley, Lee Alexander Marquez (Kawane Harris’ godson), and the people of Mali under attack from Jihadist rebels.

All who are part of MCC who have requested prayers, including The Rev. Troy Perry (Founder), The Rev. Nancy Wilson (Moderator) and our denomination, MCC in Brazil, Rev. Pang Wai Yap in Kuala Lumpur, Rev. Jidé Macauley and his ministry in Nigeria, MCC’s work in Jamaica, all the work begun in Malaysia and Pakistan, all the MCC congregations seeking pastors, Pastor Kisitu Robert in Uganda, all the churches seeking financial stability, the work of Global Justice, all who are living in the midst of war and uprisings, the people of Cote d’Ivoire, and all living under repressive circumstances.

All who are working for human rights. Pray for the success of our movement to gain equal marriage rights nationally. Pray for Queer human rights activists in Jamaica, Eastern Europe, Nigeria, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Middle East, East Africa, and for MCC’s work in those countries.

Please pray daily for MCCNY, the work to which God has called us, our growth, our financial health, and for new space.

Please pray daily for those in government, especially President Obama, that they all may be instruments of peace, healing and restoration in our country and in our world. Please pray for the safety of President Obama and his family.


+ MCCNY Deacons Brenton Buchanan, Len Richardson, Les LaRue, Philip Pares, Jen Heyward, and Sophia Pazos are available for private prayer after the service.

+ To update the Prayer List, please contact the Church office: 212.629.7440 or email Mike Easterling at

This Sunday at MCCNY

Sunday, August 31, 2014
Seventh Sunday after Pride
Rev. Pat Bumgardner preaching

9:00 am
  Traditional Liturgy
11:00 am
  Celebration Liturgy
12:30 pm
  GenderPeople with Moshay Moses
7:00 pm
  Praise and Worship Service
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